Sunday, September 25, 2011

Casa Clementi - Balance Flats Released for Balloting (September 2011)

Hi all,

Casa Clementi balance flats are now released for balloting. There are about 570 great & beautiful units available :)

According to HDB's website, current available Casa Clementi units are:
2 Room Flat (148 units available)
3 Room Flat (8 units available)
4 Room Flat (287 units available)
5 Room Flat (127 units available)

To apply, visit HDB's website or direct link:$file/11sepsbfcl_map.htm?open&ft=sbf

We've casually interviewed a few of the Casa Clementi construction workers, seems like a few of the shorter blocks are already fully constructed & completed (e.g. Block 417 & Block 424). The whole Casa Clementi project handover could be slated in early-mid 2012. :D


  1. hi there.
    may i known what is the actual TOP date ? The TOP date show at HDB page is aug 2013.


  2. Thanks for your posts! I didn't know where to find information on this project.

  3. Key collection to Block 424 is ongoing now. Some have collected their keys. According to one indian worker, the 28 and 20 storey blocks have been handed over.

  4. hi, do you have the specifications of casa when u did the flat selection?